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Highly Qualified Teachers

Greg Herron

Greg Herron

Mathematics, English

Greg has led a very exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding professional and personal life, travelling and living in Colombia, New Zealand, USA, and most recently Hong Kong. He is a competent certified Maths teacher, certified ESOL teacher, and Certified Personal Trainer. His teaching roles have afforded him experience using International Baccalaureate, Cambridge, IGCSE, NCEA, and AP curricula.

Rafik Fahri


Rafik has been teaching English for more than 8 years in schools in Ukraine, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He has been tutoring since 2010 both on individual basis (award-winning language competition contestants and successful IELTS candidates) and in small groups of primary and secondary pupils, as well as adults, including primary school principals.

Serdal Aslantas

Serdal Aslantas


Serdal is a professional educator with diverse experience about 10 years in international schools in The Philippines and in Romania. He is experienced in one-on-one tutoring and group instruction of SAT, IGCSE, and A Level Mathematics & Statistics. He is certified as IGCSE Trainer by University of Cambridge International Examination Centre. He has talent in computer science and programming. He is doing his Ph.D. in Fracture Mechanics in the University of Ovidius, Romania. He likes playing football, basketball and table tennis.



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