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Calligraphy Classes

Below you will find sample Calligraphy artworks and information about our Calligraphy classes. The files take place in random order. Please send your comments to ahmathlc@ahmath.com.
NOTE: We look for other Calligraphers to represent their artwork. Please feel free to send a request to join our art gallery.

The name cards will be listed here...

Gesi Bağları by Ahmet Arduc Calligraphy Classes by Ahmet Arduc Emre Orhan by Ahmet Arduc

"Get your name printed on awesome products."

Mia, female name, coasters set of 4, calligraphy artwork written by Ahmet Arduc Ada, female name, bath mat, calligraphy artwork written by Ahmet Arduc Laila, female name, drawstring bag, calligraphy artwork written by Ahmet Arduc Grace, female name, canvas print, calligraphy artwork written by Ahmet Arduc Emily, female name, framed art print, calligraphy artwork written by Ahmet Arduc Emily, female name, framed art print, calligraphy artwork written by Ahmet Arduc

Dear Ahmet, I see my name on the first row, it is beautiful, you are excellent!

- Allison Yuen / October 5, 2016

Thanks for writing our names in calligraphic style during the Kowloon Mosque open day. My friends' and my name have been uploaded, and I think they are very beautifully written. Thanks again, and really appreciate your work!

- Andy Goh / October 4, 2016

I love your calligraphy very much.

- Mr. S. Farouk Bux / September 30, 2016

Çok güzel Ögrentmen. Ahmet is a good teacher, he is funny too. And if you want to experience the Turkish culture, you should join his class too.

- Yoko Au Yeung / January 31, 2015

The instructor is very patient and pro. Also good music and food to go with the class.

- Angelina Wong / January 31, 2015

Mr. Arduc is very helpful and encouraging in his teaching. He is also very enthusiastic in promoting Turkish culture, so we had tea, music and candies during the class too. I thoroughly enjoy the class with him and would recommend to anyone interested.

- Yufei Wu / December 5, 2014

I like Turkish Calligraphy and your teaching.Thanks a lot:)

- Jilian Ma / November 29, 2014

If you also want to get your name written in Calligraphic style, I can write and send it to you as crystal clear, high-resolution .png or .pdf file.
To get a name card, please fill in the following form and send it to me.

Note: Before filling the form, please first do the payment (once for each name card) by using the paypal button given below.

Online Calligraphy Classes

Meet and join the wonderful world of Calligraphy by AhMath. A fascinating journey from pen to heart...
To enroll,
1) Please fill in this form.
2) Once you submit the form, you'll get a message, including the time of the available session(s).
3) After you choose the session(s), you'll secure your place for one or more session(s).
+ The sessions will be held in a classroom environment.
The outline of the Online Calligraphy classes is as follows:

  1. Class Introduction
  2. Introduction to Calligraphy
  3. App Overview
  4. Using the Tools
  5. The Basic Strokes
  6. Forming Lowercase Letters
  7. Forming Uppercase Letters
  8. Letter combinations
  9. Using two or more colors
  10. Word combinations
  11. Using Frames
Fee: 500 HKD per session.
All materials will be provided by the learning center.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact.

Calligraphic Style Name Card Request Form


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