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Bulls and Cows Game

  • How to Play
    Bulls and Cows Game is an old code-breaking mind or paper and pencil game for two or more players, predating the commercially marketed board game MastermindTM (a trademark of Pressman Toy Corporation). Computer selects an n-digit number, where all digits are different. First, you choose the number of digits you want the computer to select, where the min is 4 and the max is 6. Once you submit this first form, the timer starts and you get a blank input field to write your guess. After you enter the number, you get an instant feedback. According to the feedback, you are allowed to change your number. Once you get all correct (full of Bulls and no Cows), you can submit your number. "Bulls" stands for the correct digits in the correct places. "Cows" stands for correct digits in wrong places. After you submit your number, the timer stops and you get your progress report.
    The score table shows only results where the success level is 100%. To be listed in the Score Tables below, please log in.
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Select # of Digits

Score Table

4 Digit 5 Digit 6 Digit
1.1.00 - Guest1.00 - Go Gwi Han2.00 - Guest
2.16.49 - Go Gwi Han31.89 - Charles Dwight M. Pelaez57.79 - santiago lleras
3.16.99 - Charles Dwight M. Pelaez33.95 - Guest82.81 - Caed Mark Medul Mendoza
4.23.04 - Ahmet Arduc38.38 - Ahmet Arduc92.31 - Charles Dwight M. Pelaez
5.25.94 - Caed Mark Medul Mendoza61.47 - Caed Mark Medul Mendoza125.62 - Ahmet Arduc
6.27.23 - Daryll Ko72.38 - santiago lleras -
7.34.53 - Leticia Laila TSE106.96 - Anon Lundquist -
8.49.56 - Kaiser Chun Kiu Fan - -
9.58.50 - santiago lleras - -
10.60.16 - Martin Zlatarev - -

The score table shows only results where the success level is 100% only. To be listed in the Score Tables above, please log in.